The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) No. 1

Oak Chest with three locks.

Oak Chest with three locks

An Oak Chest in the possession of the Lodge features in the minutes on several occasions:

27 December 1729
The same day David McClelland Wright burges of Edr one of the honorary members Belonging to the said societie Generously offered to complement them with a Box with three locks and keys for keeping their money and wrytes for which he receaved the thanks of the society and they appointed tuo of the keyes to be kept by the present preces and warden and the third by John Jack Sclater burges of Edr one of their honoured members and appointed their money and wrytes to be kept in the said Box and that two Inventoryes of their wrytes shall be made and signed by their key keepers qr of one coppie shall be kept by the warden for the tyme and the other coppie left in the Box.

27 December 1838
The Master stated that he had ordered an Oak Press for holding the Effects belonging to the Lodge, and had caused an old Oak Chest presented by Brother David McLelland to the Lodge in 1729 to be repaired. The Brethren approved of the above.

10 February 1863
Bro. McCowan called the attention of the brethren to the broken and useless state of the locks of the oak chest belonging to the Lodge and it was remitted to the Wardens to see that the locks were repaired.

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